One of the most wonderful things about travelling is getting the chance to meet and mix with so many different people. Some of the best advice, not just on travelling, but on life as well, has come from those chance encounters around a fire under the stars or curled up away from the cold in teahouses.

For anyone who has read any of the biographies of the greats of exploration – Lawrence of Arabia, Shackleton, Marco Polo, Sir Edmund Hillary, Ranulph Fiennes, Dervla Murphey – don’t need me to say that there is so much more to these men and women than just a gun-ho attitude and sheer bloodymindedness.  Yes, these do help, especially when facing the inevitably tough challenges that every adventurer will, but also there is a genuine consideration of cultural sensitivities, an awareness of environmental issues, and such a passion to share what they have learnt.

In this collection of writings, I have been fortunate enough to have shared with me the wisdoms and reflections of some of the bravest people around – from polar explorers to runaway backpackers, read on to see what they say…



Mikael Standberg’s thoughts on my interview here.


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