kyrgyz kasha

From the yurts of the steppes at the roof of the world, comes kasha.  Eaten in the mornings, it’s warm and rich and delicious, not to mention very simple to make! Durum wheat, which is ground down and down until you get semolina, grows in flowing fields across Central Asia so this is a popular dish indeed.


… and filling enough to keep you going through those long, baffling games of ulak tartysh!


With fruit ripe and heavy on the trees and bushes, the Krgyz jam is the most amazing, beautifully-coloured jam in the world.  With nothing added, and nothing taken out (watch those seeds!), it is just pure fruit, boiled up and served out with understandable pride.



– Jam (preferably homemade!) of any red fruit
– Semolina
– Milk
– Sugar
– Condensed milk


Having never really seen anyone in the yurts measure anything, I’ve no idea of actual measurements for this one, so my only advice is go with your instinct.  Warm up some milk, maybe a mug or so.  Once it’s warmed through, add in the semolina, a little at a time, until it seems right; a thickened milk is what you’re looking for, about the consistency of paint really.  Make sure it is all mixed through. Serve it into bowls and add a big dollop of jam.  Raspberry or damson are my favourite flavours. If you have any, a couple of tablespoons of condensed milk makes it just that little bit more delicious.

unnamed (3)




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